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This course is completed entirely online. Through reading, online discussions and a final project, participants will examine the legislation protecting ELs' education rights, the foundational principles of SEI, ELE programming in Massachusetts, and an overview of SEI lesson planning. There will be daily sessions between 4/20 and 4/24 with some additional time built in for completion of the final product. Participants are able to log in daily at their convenience. Participants will receive 15 PDPs for successful completion of this course. More
Starts Starts: 4/20/2020 8:30 AM
Sessions Session: Online
Location Location:
Status Status: 30 open seats left
Class Size Class size: 30 seats
The SEEM Collaborative has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide the full and administrator SEI Endorsement courses for cost. This is an ESE approved route to SEI Endorsement for all educators who have ELs and their supervisors. 

The Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) Teachers Endorsement course is designed to help equip teachers to address the needs of a multilingual and multicultural student population by training teachers in research-proven practices for working with English Learners (ELs). During the course, teachers are expected to practice instructional strategies grounded in SEI research both in the endorsement course and in their classrooms. Teachers will also be encouraged to sustain and develop their SEI practices over time through a variety of professional growth opportunities. This course is designed to promote continuous improvement in educator practice and to build teachers' confidence and familiarity with instructional methodology for working with English Learners. Upon successful completion of the course, participating teachers will receive an SEI endorsement and 67.5 PDPs. 

3 Graduate Credits are available through American International College for an additional cost of $200.  Participant manuals may be purchased for $20 or participants can print their own (160 pages). 

PLEASE NOTE: Participants must have access to a classroom for the course assignments and must have basic computer skills in order to navigate the online portal. Also, due to the rigor, pace, and intensity of the course, which leads to an Endorsement from the State, participants may not miss more than two sessions. Missing more than two class sessions will result in a withdrawal grade. 

Starts Starts: 2/26/2020 4:00 PM
Sessions Sessions: 13
Location Location:
Status Status: Closed
Class Size Class size: 35 seats
Closed Enrollment
This PD will provide an overview of a blended Social Emotional Learning/Acculturation course which was co designed and co facilitated with a group of ELL students to help newcomers transition to the United States. In the course, we specifically strengthened coping skills to aid in the acculturation process, so we could be more kind to ourselves and each other. Topics covered were: Week 1: Who are you? What are your strengths? Week 2: School Expectations/Education in the United States Week 3: United States culture and your Native culture Week 4: Health Care and Mental Health Week 5: Self Care and Coping Skills Week 6: Navigating the United States (bus/train/bank accounts/apartments) Week 7: Immigration and how to find a lawyer. Week 8: Jobs and Careers (applications, resumes, cover letters, interviews) Week 9: Trade School or College (electric/plumbing/mechanics or academics) Week 10: Final Projects The first PD date will provide an overview with application and planning time for how to incorporate ideas from the PD into your classroom. Our second PD date will focus on reflection of our implementation, revision, and next steps. More
Starts Starts: 5/5/2020 3:30 PM
Sessions Sessions: 2
Location Location:
Status Status: 25 open seats left
Class Size Class size: 25 seats
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